Interview with Pierce Brosnan at The Golden Globes

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Article Date: January 27, 2006 | Publication: 2 NWCN - Seattle-Tacoma, WA | Author: First Edition 7:00AM
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For this role...'thank you mary, I was very happy with it, it was a great leg up for the film.'I feel like I should be doing this interview with a margarita in hand though...(Laughs) I know it's a little early, but come on! 'well, you could if you want to. Well anyway, there a lot of margaritas go down the gullet in this film.

And the guy that I play, julian noble, is a rather sad, twisted, pathetic, moronic hitman. It is a comedy folks! And he meets greg kinnear at a bar in Mexico city where many margaritas go down.'right. So how did it feel to play this rather slimey guy for a change? That's sort of a different turn for you of late. 'oh, it was a joy. I mean to be in the company of greg kinnear and hope davis and have this wonderful script. And to go out every day and perform in this wonderful landscape called Mexico city.' well, so what can we look for you in on the big screen in next??'uh, I've just completed a movie in New Mexico with liam neeson and angelica huston. It's a post civil war western. And that'll be out sometime this year. I'm about to start a film with maria bello and gerard butler, it's one with my company. It's a thriller called 'butterfly on a wheel'. And um, so I have work.'well obviously so, sounds like a lot of projects, a lot of irons in the fire. This one currently, 'the matador'. Pierce brosnan thank you so much for talking to me today....'thank you mary, see you in 10 years.' (laugh) right then...'bye.' 'the matador' opens in portland this weekend, and is playing now in seattle. I think I held together pretty well on that. But after all, pierce and I go way back...*Show picture*back to you. Time for one last check of the weather with meterologist don carson... We'll have an update on your top stories and more weather, in