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Article Date: April 28, 2006 | Publication: The Daily Record (Glasgow) | Author: Donna Watson
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Help us choose the most fashionable Scot and win a great prize

THEY are the stars who have added the tartan touch to the red carpet with style and flair.

Here are our final five nominees for the first Scottish Fashion Awards Fashion Icon.

The Record revealed last week the winner would be announced at the awards, which will honour the leading lights of our style and design industries.

The glittering event will be in Stirling Castle on May 7 and hosted by TV presenter Jenni Falconer.

As well as surprise celebrity guests, the judges and presenters will be from some of the world's most influential fashion houses and publications. They will include British Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman and New York entrepreneur and fashion guru Amy Sacco.

Other judges will be Alastair Johnston, the vice-chairman of IMG Models, the world's leading model agency, and Jennifer Uner, who founded the Los Angeles Fashion Awards.

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But the recipient of the Scottish Fashion Icon award will be decided by Record readers.

We've drawn up this shortlist from your votes over the past week, which have shown why Scots stars are such an inspiration when it comes to looking good.

Votes have come from as far a field as Canada, Australia and Japan for a diverse range of stars from TV, movies, music and sport.

Now we want your to help choose the winner.

By voting, you get the chance for you and a friend to attend the awards after receiving a celebrity-style makeover.

All you have to do is choose the star from our final five whom you think is Scotland's true fashion icon.

01 Gerard Butler

HOLLYWOOD star Gerard Butler has inspired men and entranced women since hitting the big time.

The Glasgow-born - actor first graced our movie screens as an extra in The Bodyguard 14 years ago.

He has a sophisticated style and he even looked good in a leather kilt and pink sweater at the Dressed to Kilt event in the States last year.

The dark suit and shirt he wore for the premiere of his hit movie Phantom of the Opera has become a trademark look.

And he showed Ewan McGregor how it should be done when he turned up at a 2004 charity Burns supper in London wearing a designer kilt and a battered leather jacket.

02 Lulu

GLASGOW songstress Lulu is an international pop star, having left her home to make her first hit as a teenager back in the Sixties.

She has softened her famous flame locks and has aged extremely well, showing women in their 40s and 50s how to be stylish and sophisticated.

She is in fantastic shape and has even been seen on the arms of men young enough to be her sons. Lulu has been a style icon for nearly five decades, k from the mini-skirts l of the Sixties to her current Yummy Mummy look.

During the I Sixties and' Seventies, Lulu t picked up fashion k awards on both sides of the Atlantic.

03 Darius Danesh

POP hunk Darius has inspired geeky guys throughout Scotland since his amazing I transformation to relaunch his career.

The nation cringed when cheesy Darius first faced the cameras with a dodgy goatee and ponytail back in the first series of Pop Stars. But the following year he reappeared with a clean-cut look and Rat Pack-style suits and made it to third place.

He soon gained a legion of female fans, who continued to swoon when he appeared at his concerts j and in music videos looking equally gorgeous in a kilt, designer shirts and battered leather jackets.

Darius went on to launch a successful music career and is now busy making home in the Hollywood hills with his movie star girlfriend Natasha Henstridge.

04 Shirley Manson

ROCK goddess Shirley Manson was mixing grunge with glamour long before the likes of Gwen Stefani and Chloe Sevigny were gracing our glossy magazines.

Edinburgh-born Shirley, singer with rock group Garbage, has fronted adverts for Calvin Klein and posed with megastars Elton John and Mary J. Blige for MAC's Viva Glam lipstick to raise funds for AIDS charities.

The singer's striking, androgynous look has sparked countless copycats.

And Shirley has done as much for the kilt as any of our male stars, donning the mini version with punky slogan t-shirts and fishnet tights.

Her eclectic style - including tartan Chinese-style dresses, leopard skin print coats and leather boob tubes - has seen her touted by some fashion experts as a modern day Debbie Harry.

05 Sharleen Spiteri

THE Texas singer has come to epitomise rock chic as her band grew into one of the biggest to come out of Scotland.

In the early days, Sharleen's sharp bob spawned scores of look a likes. Her effortless style only enhances her stunning looks and figure.

She takes advantage of the opportunity to play dress-up in the band's videos. She's even been seen as Elvis in tight leathers and lamb-chop sideburns.

And she has also used the charity Burns supper she hosts with film star Ewan McGregor to make style statements.

At this year's event, Sharleen looked stunning in a floor-skimming black satin gown and Twenties-style curls. She previously has used the sporran as a handbag, launching countless imitations.


You can vote for your Fashion Icon by phone or text. By phone, just call 0901 229 1617 and enter the number that corresponds with your choice (01-05). Or, text DRVOTE followed by a space and the number of your Icon. Calls cost 25p from a BT Landline, other networks, mobiles and payphones may vary. Text votes are 25p plus standard network rate.