Butler Not Too Chafed By 300

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Article Date: July 23, 2006 | Publication: Sci Fi Wire | Author: Patrick Lee, News Editor
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Gerard Butler, who plays King Leonidas in Zack Snyder's upcoming film adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel 300, told SCI FI Wire that he didn't necessarily feel constrained as an actor by the film's attempt to capture the graphic novel's precise look and feel, a la last year's Sin City.

"To me I think it does a bit of both," Butler (The Phantom of the Opera) said in an interview at Comic-Con International in San Diego on July 22. "There [were] certain constraining factors. I know that Zack had ... pinpointed certain moments [from the book] that he literally wanted the look and the shape to be exactly as the comic book was. But I actually really enjoyed that. It's like trying to kind of claim it and explain those moments, and it encouraged you to stay more focused and understand a certain kind of way of being and a certain kind of way of feeling that I felt was very much in the feeling of the film. But then, at the same time, of course, if you are performing in a way that's trying to be so truthful to the comic, then, of course, there are certain freedoms that are limited to the way that you perform."

300 tells the story of the 480 B.C. Battle of Thermopylae, in which Leonidas, the King of Sparta, led his small army against the advancing Persians; the battle is said to have inspired the creation of the world's first democracy.

Butler's co-star, David Wenham, who plays Dilios, agreed. "I mean, obviously, there are moments in there that I suppose you could call the iconic moments of the book that Zack wanted to capture precisely as is," Wenham said. "There were other times when Zack, as a director, would give you absolute freedom and liberty to explore within the world and the confines that had been set. So, I have to say, as a performer I didn't find it constraining in any way, shape or form.

Butler added: "In fact, just to add, I actually thought that the graphic novel gives some great ideas."

One thing did constrain the actors: Their skimpy costumes, which were akin to a leather Speedo. "That was one of my concerns when I was first cast, and I spoke to some friends, and they said, 'Oh, man, you're going to get a mess of chafing.' I didn't experience it," Wenham said.

Butler added: "I did."

Wenham: "Did you? You had chafing?"


"Mine was always a little bit looser."

"Yeah, I guess my thighs were just too big," Butler said with a laugh. "I should have worked less on the thighs. No, I had a bit of chafing, nothing to write home about." 300 opens in March 2007.