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Article Date: July 27, 2006 | Publication: zBoneman News | Author: Adam Mast
Publication/Article Link:http://www.zboneman.com/news/Comic-Con-Adams-Report-3-20344.html

I was familiar with 300 as a movie. I hadn't read Frank Miller's graphic novel, but following the success of Sin City, it was clear that Miller's properties would be finding their way to the big screen. 300 would be next out of the box. Helming the ambitious project would be Zack Snyder, an individual who won over a pretty hostile crowd with his remake of Dawn of the Dead. I wasn't a huge fan of his Dawn, but it certainly didn't suck. At the very least, it's showed Snyder to be a visionary with a world of potential. If the footage we saw from the upcoming 300 was any indication, he may very well have surpassed that potential.

300 is a fantastical fantasy adventure taking place in 480 B.C., and features the events that would lead Spartan King Leonidas and his royal guard of 300 to battle one of the most fierce armies of Persia.

The three minute footage reel featured very little dialogue. It was mostly a montage of spectacular imagery set to the audio background of a Nine Inch Nails song. Visually, the film incorporates some of the same effects techniques that brought Sin City to life, but there is something much more organic about the 300 universe. While much of the footage seemed grounded in reality (think Gladiator) the film does appear to cross over into fantasy terrain. There are creatures galore and buckets of blood, plus for the ladies–there's plenty of muscular dudes running around in cod pieces. Gerry's kids were frothing at the mouth.

I have to say. I was simply blown away by what I saw. No words can really describe it. 300 truly looks like an otherworldly experience and I can't wait to see the movie.

Following the footage reel, the fans were introduced to the panel; Frank Miller, Zack Snyder, David Wenham, and – put your hands over your ears – Gerard Butler. Seriously folks, when Butler hit the stage, I thought I was at a Beatles concert or something. It was awe inspiring. This guy has the power. I'd like to be his friend so I can share the spoils of his power.

The panel was very interesting, particularly when Frank Miller was speaking. It's great to see him involved in movies again. After being burned by the Hollywood process (most notably during the making of Robocop 2), it was thought that he'd never allow his stuff on the big screen again. Thankfully, Robert Rodriguez convinced him that some folks do care about his material. Miller did reveal that unlike Sin City, he would not be involved in directing 300. He said that it's Snyder's show, but he certainly looked pleased with the way the project was coming along. Based on the footage shown, I'd say the project is in very good hands. If I have any gripe at all, it's that we have to wait until next year to see 300 in it's entirety.