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Article Date: August 2, 2006 | Publication: Newsarama | Author: Daniel Robert Epstein
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Itís already become the stuff of legends. After the exclusive 300 trailer ran at the panel San Diego Comicon, the lights came up and it was Gerard Butler, King Leonidas himself, that said he wanted to see it again! I got a chance to talk with Butler soon after the panel.

Gerard Butler: Just let me get a drink of water. Iíve got cottonmouth.

NRAMA: Talking a lot?

GB: Absolutely. A huge amount of interviews.

NRAMA: So I was at the 300 panel this morning. Was that really the first time you really saw that trailer they cut especially for the con?

GB: Iíd seen it on television screens. I hadnít seen it on a big screen like that with surround sound and also with an audience. The more I think about it, it was actually fantastic to experience it with an audience for the first time. So it was my excitement was merged with their excitement. It was a really cool experience.

NRAMA: What we saw at the panel was mostly action scenes, are there many quiet moments in the movie?

GB: There are loads of quiet moments. Thatís something youíve got to be careful of, because if you make the movie with just action then at the end of the day itís not really telling you anything. This is a phenomenal story anyway and we really delve into the politics and some of the more interesting things that happen as part of that battle. Such as, who was on whose side? Who was being betrayed? What was the political situation? What were the tactical decisions? Then there are the moments between friends, husbands, wives, children. To that extent we really extended the graphic novel to give more of a relationship between a king and his queen, a king and his son and a king and his men.

NRAMA: Whatís the home life of a Spartan like?

GB: They didnít have much of a home life. They trained pretty much from morning until night and then in my wonderful imagination they went home and ____ed their wives like animals. But it was an incredible camaraderie and bonding in the sense of belonging. It was a Spartan existence [laughs]. They never got involved in stuff that was too material or luxurious.

NRAMA: Does your involvement with a film based on a comic make you curious to see what else is out there, comics wise?

GB: Absolutely, it constantly amazes me. Iím not a huge comic book fan but whenever I pick up one Iím always amazed at how much I enjoy it. It would have to be something that is has a dark, weird, edgy feel like Frank creates. Rather than something thatís just standard fare otherwise it wonít hold my attention too long.

NRAMA: Had you been to San Diego Comicon before with Dracula 2000?

GB: No, this is my first time.

NRAMA: What do you think?

GB: I donít really know to be honest because Iíve only been in the auditorium with the big screen. Since then Iíve been doing interviews, but that auditorium was like a rock concert. It was fantastic. The atmosphere was great, there was excitement, there was no pretense, there was nobody being cruel. People come here because they are interested and passionate about this kind of stuff so they let go and as an actor thereís nothing better than to experience that unguarded reaction.

NRAMA: Have you ever had such a loyal group of fans that went to all your theatre work or anything like that?

GB: Yeah, believe it or not there are conventions in my name at the moment. They had one in Scotland and they just had one in Vegas and then theyíre having another one in Colorado. They are out there. The one in Vegas they had mask making sessions, screenings of films and they had a big costumed ball. I have incredibly dedicated and loyal fans. Itís very touching.

NRAMA: As an actor from the UK youíve gotten to do a lot of period type stuff, even 300 can fall into that sort of category. Helena Bonham Carter finally made the decision to not do any more period-type pieces. Would you ever make that decision?

GB: Yeah, well my last film was that, you know, I just did a thriller, drama with Maria Bello and Pierce Brosnan called Butterfly on a Wheel which is set in present day. My next film is set in the future. But as much as I like doing them, I think there will be a time, and there will be a time when I think enough is enough and I think that time is coming soon.

300 will be released early next year