Two People Soil Themselves With Excitement Over 300

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Article Date: August 18, 2006 | Publication: Cinematical | Author: Martha Fischer
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The buzz about 300 -- the newest Frank Miller adaptation, this one about the ever-popular Battle of Thermopylae -- had been slowly mounting for months when a teaser was shown at ComicCon. The moment it appeared, anticipation for Zack Snyder's film went through the roof, based almost entirely on frenzied online reports about the teaser's magnificence. Me, I'm into the concept, but have to admit the ponderously boring video blogs on the movie's official site have totally turned me off. I mean, how can a movie that's reportedly so inspired and so stylized screw up a chance at promotion so spectacularly?

Anyway, if you believe the two people who stopped dancing with joy long enough to email AICN last night, the movie is just as spectacular as that ComicCon footage suggested (and, thankfully, has nothing to do with the hideous production blogs). Based on these early (really early -- the movie doesn't come out until next March) screening reports, the sex and violence-loaded 300 is the greatest movie ever made, Gerard Butler is a god, and the lovely Lena Headey takes her top off a lot. So, let me get this straight: Boobs, severed limbs and stylized action? I smell ... money!