Celebrity swingers

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Article Date: May 30, 2004 | Publication: IC Wales | Author: Rachel Mainwaring, Wales on Sunday
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MORE celebs have confirmed they'll be visiting the Celtic Manor Wales Open for its very first Ladies Day.

Lock, Stock actor Nick Moran, former EastEnder Michael Greco and Tombraider's Gerry Butler will be there as well as hunky T4 presenter Steve Jones, model Lisa B, former All Saints singer Melanie Blatt and Paul & Stacey Young.

Neighbours star Jason Donovan, currently starring in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, will be attending, as well as actress Davina Taylor, designer Mathew Williamson, socialite Meg Mathews and singer Mica Paris.

And you could be there too as a limited amount of tickets are available to the public - call 01633 410 261.

The date for this event is June 5, 2004.

GB.NET NOTE: A fan called the event management and they COULD NOT confirm that Gerard would be at this function. The tickets are 95 pounds, so please consider this before planning to attend.