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GB.NET Note: This is an OLD casting call notice, but describes in detail each character, including Gerry's.

(New York & Ireland) - Send pictures & resumes ASAP to: Details Are only Available By Subscription..

Title: P.S. I LOVE YOU, Feature Film. CAST, Hilary Swank; EXEC PROD, Lisa Zupan, John H. Starke; PROD, Wendy Finerman, Molly Smith, Andrew A. Kosove, Broderick Johnson; DIR, Richard LaGravenese; SCR, Steven Rogers. Contract: SAG.

Shoot Dates: October, 2006 (in New York & Ireland).

STORY: The film is about Holly, a young widow discovering that her late husband has left her 10 messages intended to help ease her pain and start a new life. Breakdown--

Gerry: 31, Irish, attractive, brash, fun-loving and deeply romantic, he married Holly in Ireland after a whirlwind courtship nearly 10 years ago and moved back with her to NYC, where he's been a limo driver for the past six years with an eye toward opening his own company. No longer newlyweds but not yet ready to raise a family in their tiny one-bedroom apartment, Gerry and Holly are completely in love, but first seen arguing about the direction their life together has taken. Eighteen months later, Gerry has tragically died from a tumor, but lives on in the form of Holly's memories, as well as a mysterious series of letters he planned, wrote, and distributed to trusted friends and family for her to receive during the following year. The first letter arrives on Holly's birthday, urging her to get out of the house and celebrate; another provides plane tickets for Holly and her two best friends to use on a trip to Ireland; and the final one asks her to move on and find love again. Gerry is the type of guy everyone counts on for both a sympathetic shoulder or a hearty laugh, and his loss is devastating for his friends and family.

Lead; Sharon: Early/Mid 30s. Holly's supportive, pretty best friend, always up for a good time. She's is married to John, who was Gerry's best friend. She cares a lot about Holly and, like the others, grows worried about her despondent state. Sharon, a real estate agent, encourages Holly to take a job at her firm so they can work together, but this quickly proves a bad idea when Holly gets into a humorous, inappropriate fight with an overbearing client. While on vacation to Ireland with Holly and Denise, Sharon reveals she's pregnant and despite Holly's mixed reaction (jealousy), she patiently waits for Holly to come around and supplies unconditional love during Holly's rough year.

Lead; Denise: Early/Mid 30s. Holly's other best friend. She's a successful, single professional who works as a press agent in NYC. She's got a wicked sense of humor, and when it comes to dating, she doesn't want to waste her time, and often fires off a rapid burst of questions to would-be suitors to determine their viability. Truth be told, she's got a healthy level of well-earned self-esteem, knows she deserves the best, and doesn't want to settle. Luckily she meets Tom, a club owner who feels the same way. When Holly blows off the role of maid-of-honor for Denise's wedding, Denise grows frustrated but forgives her.

Lead; Richard: 30s. He is Holly's straight-arrow older brother, often mocked for his serious attitude and concern about Holly's finances and behavior. Married to a strict woman nobody in Holly's family particularly likes, and father of two girls, he's been dourly pegged the "responsible" sibling. Though Richard and Holly's relationship has always been awkward, he is a truly loving older brother who was forced to grow up faster than any of his siblings when, at age 17, his father abandoned the family. He's a caring soul who genuinely wants to help. Once Holly realizes this, they are able to form a much closer bond.

Lead; Patricia Reilly: 50s. This beautiful, commanding woman comes from classic Irish stock. She is Holly, Richard, and Ciara's mother, who has had a tough life and doesn't laugh or smile very often. Beneath this intimidating exterior is a loving, driven woman who was abandoned by her husband and worked herself to the bone raising three young kids while running Hogan's Pub. When Gerry's posthumous letters begin arriving for Holly, Patricia doesn't particularly approve; she's afraid Holly will never be able to move on if she is always mired in the past. She refuses to give Holly a job at the pub because she doesn't want Holly to settle for the same things Patricia did, but rather to forge ahead on a new path.

Lead; Ciara: 20s. Pegged as the wild, flirty, impetuous sibling. She is Holly and Richard's irresponsible younger sister who is still finding her way in the world but having a heck of a lot of fun in the process. She travels from Australia for Gerry's wake and ends up sticking around NYC for a while, working at her mom's pub and staging a bizarre one-woman show off-off-Broadway that amuses and alarms her family. Ciara admits that Holly, who traveled to Ireland at 19 and returned with a husband, was her role model in how to live.

Lead; Daniel: 30s. A handsome, affable guy. He works for Patricia as the new manager of Hogan's Pub. His history with women is extremely troubled (his wife left him for a woman - and not just any woman, but his exfiance) but he is able to chuckle about it and offers up the experience for heartbroken Holly to laugh about. They become good friends but ultimately decide not to pursue a romantic relationship.

Lead; John: 30s, considerate, patient, and kind. He is married to Sharon and was Gerry's best friend. The death of his closest confidante emotionally tears John apart, but he keeps his sadness in check for Holly's sake, until he can no longer do so and reminds Holly she's not the only one who loved and lost Gerry.

Lead; William Gallagher: 30s. This gorgeous singer is the "epitome of masculine Black Irish beauty" with dark wavy hair and piercing blue eyes. When Holly, Sharon, and Denise travel to Ireland, they are instructed by one of Gerry's posthumous letters to visit a specific pub where William performs. Holly is immediately attracted to him, but hesitates acting on her feelings. It turns out William was Gerry's best mate growing up as kids. He's sexy, smooth, and very sweet; Tom: Late 30s, beefy and handsome. Tom is the host of a karaoke club the girls visit on Gerry's posthumous request. To Denise's immense delight, Tom meets all her criteria for a love interest, and she falls hard for him. Within the year, they are married;

Barbara: In flashback and present time, this travel agent explains to Holly and John how she met Gerry and set up his dying request of a trip to Ireland for Holly and her friends. Barbara gets teary-eyed recounting the experience, especially since she was terse with Gerry before realizing his situation;

Meredith: Holly's sister-in-law and least favorite relative, she is John's wife, a humorless mother of two girls who puts a damper on any family gathering she attends, which luckily isn't that many;

Rose Kennedy: An attractive older Irish woman. She is Gerry's mom, whom Holly visits in Ireland on a whim. When Holly took Gerry away to make a new life with him across the ocean, it clearly hurt Rose. The two women lament the loss of Gerry and promise to keep in better touch;

Martin Kennedy: Gerry's father. He's an older Irish gentleman who still regrets that he had to miss his son's wake in the States. He was recovering from surgery at the time. He's happy to see Holly when she visits;

Vicki: A short, aggressive woman used to getting her own way. Vicki insists on purchasing a particular apartment despite her husband Ted's protests, prompting Holly to chew her out and start a fight;

Ted: As Vicki's husband, and the beleaguered father of three teenage girls. He is often overruled and ignored. When Vicki insists on purchasing a property Ted doesn't think they can afford, Holly steps in to defend him but only makes the situation worse;

Mrs. Reiner: This foul-mouthed middle-aged woman is one of Holly's neighbors who has a loud, bickering relationship with her husband. Mrs. Reiner is blunt and a bit scary, announcing she can't take Holly's gift of wine because she's an alcoholic, and claiming no knowledge of Holly's mysteriously renewed garden;

Leprechaun: This bitter NYC messenger, dressed up as a leprechaun, delivers a posthumous message to Holly, grumbling that he once acted with Al Pacino and is now reduced to this;

Man #1 & Man #2 & Man #3: These single men attending Gerry's wake are sharply and efficiently interrogated by Denise. The first is gay, the second is unemployed, and the third is a bad kisser; Bouncer: This huge bouncer guarding a posh NYC club refuses Holly, Denise and Sharon entrance until Holly pulls the widow card and gains the crowd's sympathy;

Minister: This minister resides over Gerry's unusual, raucous wake, gaily singing along to Gerry's obscene choice of music, and gets a big kiss from Ciara;

Dog's Master: This dog owner is disturbed by Holly and doesn't want her petting his dog;

Gay Men: These gay men out at a club are listing their dead friends. Holly feels right at home with them;

Audience: At a cheerful, noisy karaoke bar. This audience cheers on Gerry when he challenges Holly to sing;

Mr. Reiner: Heard OFF-SCREEN, he wonders who's at the door. Mrs. Reiner screams that it's none of his business;

Denise's Date: This young man is disappointed to learn Denise is no longer interested in casual sex and spouts an expletive to make his point;

Bambi's Master: This dog owner passes Gerry and Holly in Ireland while collecting his or her dog, Bambi;

Female Tailor: This tailor suggests Denise not show off so much of her bust in her wedding dress, but Denise shuts her up;

Patsy: A strapping, virile, middle-aged man. He is William Gallagher's father. He catches Patricia's eye.