PS: I don't love being on film set

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Article Date: October 14, 2006 | Publication: Belfast Telegraph Saturday Newspaper | Author: Editors
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THE set of Cecilia Ahern's new romantic movie, PS, I Love You, isn't such a sweet place, according to an insider.

Irish extras on the film, based on Cecilia's best-sellingbook and starring Hilary Swank, have blasted production chiefs after filming in Whelan's pub on Dublin's Wexford Street.

One extra claims they weren't given enough food and were forced to work for more than eight hours without a break.

Cork local Niamh Parker (27) was left fuming after one of the production staff reportedly made disparaging remarks.

"It was very poorly run," she said. "We were shooting a scene where Gerard Butler is serenading Hilary in the pub and he has a guitar in his hand. Someone told him to turn the other way and he said, 'I can't, I'll hit someone' and he was told, 'Don't worry, they're only extras'.

"We couldn't believe what we were hearing. To treat people like that is just disgraceful."

Niamh was also angry that some 200 extras started work at 7am last Monday and didn't finish up until well after 10.30pm. They worked similar hours last Tuesday and were paid 90 euro for each day's work.

"The first time we had anything to eat or drink was well after 3pm and it was the Irish crew that gave us some refreshments. They had to actually go and say to the people in charge, 'Look, you need to give the extras something'," she added.

No one from the production company was available for comment.