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"You gotta walk before you can crawl"

Rantings of a wannabe screenwriter
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Every year there are a few movies that you wait for like its christmas. That you pray to god you'll see before that truck runs over your head. 2005 for me was Batman Begins. 2006 Superman Returns and Miami Vice (I love me some Michael Mann). 2007 for me is the year of the 300. Zack Snyder's new epic. Now I'd like to say i'm not a big comic geek (despite my choices up there), I do own a few mainly Batman, and a couple by Frank Miller and Alan Moore but I don't have rows of the stuff. Mainly I buy them whhen I hear theres a movie coming out and I get curious about the source matieral. Don't get me wrong i'm a huge fan of Batman, so I guess that raises my geekery level but nothing else really flicks my switch.

300 however looks like it could blow my fuse.

As soon as I saw the trailer I ran out and bought a copy of the graphic novel. I may have taken a few steps via my couch, fridge and office, but then I got straight there. In short, its great. Like a picture out of history, blood, guts and gore. A true story of honor and sacrifice. If it comes anything close to the book then it will do amazingly. I'm really looking forward to it I mean this is a comic book that historians recommend. Snyder seems to have taken frames right out of the comic book and Gerard Butler seem's to be awesome casting. He's a Russell Crowe type Brit who really should have hit the big time by now. And 300 seems to be his and Snyder's real chance of success. Sod the fact that its a comic book movie, This pleasure ain't guilty.

The only other thing that's barely peaked my interest is the new Aronofsky flick but even now i'm having doubts. From the words of critics. I'll still see it. Requiem made me cry like a baby in an onion farm. But it looks like it will be a little tricksy.

There has been a bit of an explosion of comic movies recently. Some warrant the attention, others, i'm not sure need to be brought to the screen. Superman, yes, Batman, Hell yes. Spider-man, yes. These are true cinematic figures. But characters like Iron Man and Thor i'm not sure about. Hell yes they could be great movies but over-saturation from the Marvel Universe will lessen their appeal. I'm not saying anyone believes what they see through the cinema screen. But if there are fifty superheros about from the marvel universe why isn't the world a better place? Why haven't they done more? With fifty super hero's running about in the same cinematic universe things should look different. But they aren't. Marvel has taken brilliant note of this in the comics, (I took a peak online okay...not a geek! Then again I do love Battlestar Galatica) they may have to do this again in the films of cut back on bringing every character in there portfolio to the screen. In cinema there has to be a reason for bringing a story to the screen. Marvel may be running out of these just as there running out of space in their wallets.

Ok after that I'm clearly in denial. I clearly am a geek. Do we get a pension fund?

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