Sneak Peek At Frank Miller's 300 Plus New Images

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Article Date: November 9, 2006 | Publication: IESB.Net | Author: Robert Sanchez
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Yesterday evening, Warner Bros. invited press to catch a glimpse of Frank Miller’s 300 and it was absolutely mind blowing.

We were in the audience, in complete awe, as director Zack Snyder began showcasing footage from the film. No doubt, this is by far, a movie I can hardly wait to see next year.

The footage shown was jaw dropping and truly captures Miller’s book the way no other film has been able to bring a graphic novel or comic book to life. Not Sin City, not Batman Begins, not even Spiderman. So far, what we saw puts 300 at the top of the list to revolutionize the way “comic book/graphic novel” movies are made. It was, honestly, as if we were watching a moving graphic novel, perfectly transferred from page to screen, as if the actors weren’t really “humans”, but rather, part of this incredibly beautiful, perfectly drawn moving image.

The scenes we saw were intense, they were adrenaline filled, simply awe inspiring. I cannot wait to see the entire film. SPARTA!!

While this footage is not available for the average moviegoer to view, a “Making Of” book with art from the film including storyboards, costumes, concepts, etc. is being put out by Dark Horse Comics early next year. Luckily, Dark Horse supplied us with some images from the book to share with our readers to tantalize your brain.

In 1998, Frank Miller shook the comics world with his groundbreaking series 300. Marking Miller's first collaboration with artist Lynn Varley (Ronin, The Dark Knight Returns) in over a decade, 300 was a gritty reimagining of a battle in which 300 Spartan soldiers fought to hold back the entire Persian army. The series won five Eisner Awards, including Best Limited Series, Best Writer/Artist (Miller), and Best Colorist (Varley).

300: The Art of the Film takes you behind the scenes as director Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead) adapts 300 to the silver screen. With 200 pages of production photos, concept art, and much, much more, 300: The Art of the Film is sure to delight Miller fans and movie buffs alike.

300:The Art of the Film was put together by creator Frank Miller and director Zack Snyder. It arrives on sale in January 2007 with a retail price of $24.95.