NECA Announces 300 Action Figure License

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Article Date: November 13, 2006 | Publication: NECA Online | Author: NECA Online
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Spartans! Tonight We Dine in Hell!

In 480 BC the Persian empire was poised to conquer all of Greece. While their countrymen turned and fled from their invaders, a band of 300 Spartan warriors faced off against the largest army the world had ever seen. Led by King Leonidas, the Spartans would show an empire what it meant to be truly heroic.

From Warner Bros. comes 300, an action-packed epic inspired by Frank Miller's award-winning graphic novel. Starring Gerard Butler as Leonidas, 300 is a ground breaking special effects masterpiece. For those in doubt, just check out the trailer at The Official 300 Website.

NECA is pleased to announce we will be releasing action figures for this awesome film, including:

* King Leonidas
* Immortal
* Queen Gorgo
* Ephialtes

For those of you who can't wait, here's a pic of the man himself, Leonidas.