Gerard thanks gym for romps stamina

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Article Date: November 11, 2006 | Publication: Daily Star | Author: GAVIN DOCHERTY
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GERARD Butler needed all his strength when it came to filming a new sword and sandals blockbuster - for a marathon sex scene with leading lady Lena Headey.

The Paisley-born actor, who spent six months pumping iron to prepare for bigbudget Spartan wars saga 300, told how it took a day-and-a-half to film his romp.

"The sex scene is seriously hot, " said the Phantom of the Opera star. "Which is an appealing departure from the chasteness of recent movies I've been in."

The film, out in March, follows King Leonidas (Butler) and his 300 bodyguards as they defend Sparta from the Persian armies.

Based on Frank Miller's graphic novel, the film uses the same technology which brought his comic book Sin City to the big screen.

There are several brutal battle sequences with sword and spear attacks shown in gory detail.

Headey, 33, best known for her work on British TV dramas, has recently been tapped to star in The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fox's upcoming TV series spin-off of the Terminator franchise.