300 Zack Snyder & Frank Miller Show Off

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Article Date: November 25, 2006 | Publication: About.Com - Horror and Suspense | Author: Staci Wilson
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Earlier this month, Warner Brothers hosted a special sneak preview of 300, a historical fantasy helmed by Zack Snyder (director of the Dawn of the Dead remake) and based upon the graphic novel by Frank Miller (co-director of Sin City).

Both men were in attendance (Miller was a surprise guest, as he was listed in the invite as making New York appearances only), and about 30 minutes of footage was shown. It's hard to tell how much horror or suspense will actually be in the film probably not much suspense, if the Spartans' story is told with historical accuracy but certainly there will be plenty of blood and gore, not to mention dark and shadowy fantasy figures (the footage we saw featured giant wolves with glowing red eyes and mouths full of razor sharp teeth; and scary orge-like warriors wielding deadly weapons).

If you're a fan of Miller's illustrated novel, you're likely to love 300. According to Snyder, "If you look at the book and you look at the movie you can see what kind of influence he had on the movie. It's pretty crazy." [pictured, Lena Headly, who stars in 300 along with Gerard Butler and David Wenham Warner Bros.]