Butler Serving Up Something Hot In Next Film

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Article Date: December 3, 2006 | Publication: Scotland on Sunday | Author: The Entertainer
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Entertainer was pleased to note that Gerard Butler feels he will have a lot to brag about in 2007. Butler, last seen in Shona Auerbach's Greenock-set Dear Frankie (and the disastrous Phantom of the Opera, but let's not mention that - oops!), is always spoken of as a Scottish actor with great promise. Certainly the credentials of his forthcoming flick look fairly strong. Butler will take one of the leads in the film adaptation of Frank (Sin City) Miller's 300. A tale of the battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC, in which Greek king Leonidas (Butler) led 300 warriors in a doomed battle against the much larger Persian army, the film sounds like a welcome change of pace for the Paisley-born actor. "The sex scene is seriously hot," Butler says, "which is an appealing departure from the chasteness of recent movies I've been in." If Entertainer hadn't been interested in Butler's career development thus far, she certainly is now.