A New Years Message from Gerry

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Article Date: January 3, 2007 | Publication: GerardButler.Net | Author: GerardButler.Net
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Hello everybody, welcome to Gerard Butler.Net, GB.Net. To all the tarts and um I donít know what the names of the tart men are. Tartmen or something? Tartan man men?

Anyway, a happy new year to everybody and I hope you had a great holiday and a great Christmas and 2006 is gone which is the purpose of this message which is just to thank each and every one of you for all your support and love and generosity in keeping this whole roadshow going. I do it with the roles and you guys do it pretty much every other way imaginable. So itís been a amazing. From the videos you make, to the e-mails you post, from the conventions your organize, the get togethers, the presents you send and the letters you write, the attendance at every event conceiveable. Every screening, every premiere, itís been really incredible for me to experience and in particular, I want to say, thanks to the organizers and the people who attended the Glasgow convention and the Colorado Convention, which raised $30,000, which is insane. I canít believe how much you guys did through raffles and auctions. I canít imagine anyone paying more than $10 for anything Iíve worn, but if you want to be crazy, I appreciate it and itís going to CLIC Sargent and all the charities that I love, although I just heard about this Trees for Life.

That is so cool. Restoring these Caledonian forest in Scotland which is if you ask me one of the biggest heartbreaks in the history of our country so that is very imaginative and different and that you raised over $16,000, which quite frankly I could have done with, but if you are going to invest it in something else, why not do it for that. Congratulations to you guys. Also, like I say, to both organizing Colorado and for how much money you raised.

And also the cookbook sales! Thatís seems to have done a bunch as well so and I find it very funny. I wonít even tell you about my cooking experience or talent because it might put you off buying the cookbook. And my mummy and Aunty Kathleenís are in there as well, as are Tamaraís. Um, so those I should tell you to sample first. But anyway, buy the cookbook!! OK?

Um, what else? For the birthday donations, the Valentine donations, and all the, like I say, all the charities, including Kids Kicking Cancer, which, I sat there and had a long, long meeting with the Rabbi who organizes that and showed me a DVD and read a lot of stuff about just the incredible work they do with those children. I think that is just a beautiful cause and I love that I able to talk about this. I love that I am able to thank you guys for putting all this money towards these great causes.

Thatís about it I think. 2007 I am sure as most of you know is going to be a very interesting year so, you know, I could do with all your continued support and help. I will give you all my support as best I can. So weíll do it together as a team and thanks to Tamara, my main woman, my sis, for you know keeping the house in order with the help of a few others I know.

Thatís about it. Wishing you all the best for 2007 and I hope I am not missing anything, but I think as you know, if I did miss anything, the appreciation is overall for everything. As I always state, I think the best thing about this is the excitement it seems to generate amongst, you people, yourselves, and the friendships you make and the traveling you do and the things that you kind of get into. Thereís nothing better than that. I can say that from personal experience so keep it up... enjoying, breathing, thinking, and being blissful. Thank you.