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Article Date: January 14, 2007 | Publication: Walls and Bridges | Author: Joel Meadows
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2007 has started in a very interesting fashion: two weeks into January and I have already picked up some new commissions. First on the agenda is a piece on Mexican film directors for US movie mag Moving Pictures Magazine, where I'll be interviewing Del Toro, Innaritu and Cuaron, and exploring why Mexican filmmakers are suddenly producing films of such exceptional quality, especially in Hollywood. The second series of commissions are more interesting potentially: I am going to be writing a number of features for the retooled Comics International. Under its new editor Mike Conroy, I had a feeling that my work would be more sympathetically received there and I wasn't wrong. So the first feature for CI is for #201, out in February, and it'll be looking at 300 The Movie with its stars Gerard Butler, David Wenham and its director, Zach Snyder. I wish Mike well, as the industry needs a magazine like Comics International, and my hope is that a fresh set of eyes there will allow it to adapt to the changed marketplace and industry. Watch this space as I'll let you know what else I'm going to be writing about for themů