EXCLUSIVE: First Look at New 300 Poster

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Article Date: January 22, 2007 | Publication: Cinematical | Author: Tommy DiChiara
Publication/Article Link:http://www.cinematical.com/2007/01/22/exclusive-first-look-at-new-300-poster/

Frank Miller fans, epic-movie junkies, Gerard Butler-loving women and comic book fanboys of the world, we've got a special treat for you: The first-ever peek at the new poster for 300.

Based on Miller's acclaimed graphic novel of the same name, 300 tells the story of a group of valiant Spartans -- somewhere in the vicinity of about 300 I'd say -- who made a stand against the reputedly invincible and undeniably gargantuan Persian army at Thermopylae in 480 B.C.

Fans of the graphic novel will note that the poster image bears an eerie resemblance to an illustration from Miller's book -- and this is no coincidence. Director Zack Snyder took painstaking care to make sure he did justice to Miller's work. And as this poster hints, the film appears to have all the action of Gladiator and the eye-catching visual beauty of Sin City. Not a shabby pedigree, if I do say so myself. Look for 300 in theaters on March 9.