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Article Date: January 27, 2007 | Publication: Rotten Tomatoes Blog | Author: Binh Ngo
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Jeff Giles writes: "As we discussed earlier in the week, the countdown has begun to March 9th's "300," the epic, visually stunning retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae, as adapted from Frank Miller's graphic novel. If you weren't around for the conversation, or have somehow missed the assorted crazy-cool trailers, posters, and other assorted pre-release bits that have been making the rounds, here's a simple recap...

300 (2007)
300 (2007)

A few (300, to be exact) Spartans and a whole mess of Persians, duking it out. The survival of the Greek republic at stake. Story by Frank Miller. You could be forgiven for thinking this couldn't get any cooler, but it just did -- as MovieWeb reports, "300" will be the first IMAX feature of 2007. Dan Fellman, Warner Bros. President of Something or Other, issued a statement that reads, in part:

The Persian horde in "300."

"Warner Bros. Pictures and the filmmakers are very excited to bring this unique cinematic experience to both conventional and IMAX theatres this spring...The immersive IMAX Experience will transform this film, offering audiences an alternative way to view this highly-charged picture."

In other words, if there's no IMAX screen near you, you've got roughly a month to move."

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