300: Riders on the storm

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Article Date: February 4, 2007 | Publication: Rocket | Author: Matt Cabral
Publication/Article Link:http://playmagazine.com/rocket/index.html

The Hollywood hype machine spouts the word "epic" pretty liberally in marketing its films - you can't sit through a reel of trailers without hearing it. Hell, even Disney's Brother Bear used it - we loved the cuddly cubs, but describing a film with talking forest critters and a Phil Collin's soundtrack as "epic" is a bit of a stretch. There was a time when the word carried some weight, and held promise of clashing swords, racing chariots and Charlton Heston in a loin cloth. Thankfully, that time returns with Frank Miller's 300, a film that knocks "epic" of its ass with violence-filled, testosterone-charged production that could make Gladiator look like a chick flick.

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