Behind the Scenes of 300

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Article Date: February 5, 2007 | Publication: Cinema Fusion | Author: Hector Martinez
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If thereís one thing I find noteworthy from all the behind the scenes footage of this film, itís how much physical training the actors, Gerard Butler included, had to go through between takes. I mean, in this video journal over at Suicide Girls, you see the guy pumping some serious weight while waiting for his next shot. Then in video journal #3 at the official site, you have guys lifting giant truck tires and hopping through them in quick succession. Itís no wonder many folks who saw the earlier trailer thought the abs were CGI. Thereís still a heck of a lot of effects in the form of blue screens and digital stylization, though, and Iím just loving it. See a sequence of the transformation of the graphic novel to film after the jump.