Gerard's Spart Attack

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Article Date: February 11, 2007 | Publication: Sunday | Author: Fiona Young
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Shooting bloody epic left Scots star in agony

SCOTS star Gerard Butler got into the best shape of his life for new movie 300 - but has revealed the terrible toll on his body.

The 37-year-old suffered countless injuries filming the historical epic's spectacular battle scenes.

Gerard said: "I pulled my groin then got drop foot -my foot was flopping around for six days.

"I damaged my shoulders from overdoing it and I suffered from chafing - my thighs were too big. I should have worked less on them."

Tomb Raider and Phantom Of The Opera star Gerard plays King Leonidas, who leads a 300- strong Spartan army against a million Persians at the bloody battle of Thermopylae in 480BC.

The film also stars Vincent Regan and Lena Headey and is based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller, whose Sin City was also made into a movie. It has been touted as the most violent film ever and Gerard trained for months to master the fight styles and weapons.

He said: "I was training before the movie started with two different guys. I loved it but it was intense. There was a lot of bodybuilding and a more aerobic side with swords and spears.

"That went on for months and we'd be doing it between shots, too. But it was a lot of fun, especially the early days, when we were all pretty s*** at it.

"I haven't been in a gym since we stopped. I have no wish to do so for a while either. I spent four months on a massage table after shooting."

300 is filmed in the same comic-like black and white of Sin City and most of it was done in front of a blue screen rather than an exotic location.

Gerard said: "I thought I'd be off to Morocco or something."