Exclusive Video Interviews: The Kings of WB's 300, We Go 1:1 with Gerard Butler and Rodrigo Santoro!

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Article Date: February 12, 2007 | Publication: IESB.Net | Author: Robert Sanchez
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We're not quite done with our coverage of 300. We've given you images, clips, behind the scenes footage, and an exclusive interview with Zack Snyder.

Up next, heartthrobs Gerard Butler and Rodrigo Santoro, the Kings who go head to head in the best movie Hollywood has seen in recent memory.

The past few days have been extremely busy, from watching train wrecks such as Ghost Rider, to watching some of the best filmmaking of our generation with WB's 300, we have been all over Hollywood (actually Beverly Hills) to bring you what, we hope, are informative interviews.

Click on the links below for our exclusive video interviews with Gerard Butler and Rodrigo Santoro.

Stay tuned as we have even more coverage from 300 including one more, more detailed, interview with Zack 'The Man' Snyder where we talk about a certain actor and his possible involvement with Watchmen.

Gerard Butler:

Rodrigo Santoro