‘300′ Reviews Roll-in, and Snyder Talks More ‘Watchmen’ (Blog)

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Article Date: February 13, 2007 | Publication: Solace in Cinema | Author: Staff
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'300' is out in the states on March the 9th, and so most of the bigger movie sites are getting to see and review it early. I've been raving about 300 since the beginning, and it's a nice feeling to know that all my energy hasn't gone to waste. I had a feeling Zack Snyder would pull it out of the bag, but you never know till you actually hear first hand experience how good a film is going to be. IGN and latinoreview both have reviews up, and both sites have given it a full double thumbs-up and even claimed it's a 'masterpiece'. The review at Latinoreview is here, and at IGN here.

Meanwhile Snyder, not being one to sit around on his ass, is talking up Watchmen over at superherohype

SHH:What's going on with "Watchmen?"

Zack Snyder: We're trying to get a budget together now that I feel like the movie is in a very cool place. I think the script is starting to become pretty cool. I've been talking to some actors–I'm not going to say who–but it's cool, because in some ways you can get real actors. You don't have to go Hollywood. So that's all going along. I've been drawing away, so I think it's coming along. They have talked about maybe shooting in the summer.

Woah, so they might start shooting this summer?!!. Considering '300' only full wrapped a couple of weeks ago (I mean CGI everything done.. not just filming) Snyder must have been working hard on the script. Many directors have fallen trying to get a Watchmen movie up and running, I wonder if he can triumph where others have failed.

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