Frank Miller talks multi-media lessons in 300: March to Glory interview

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Article Date: February 13, 2007 | Publication: QJ.Net | Author: Gina D
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When it comes to developing games, do you think an originally-graphic-novelist can meet the gaming industry's standards? Well, for Frank Miller, author of the "Sin City" graphic novels, helping out in the development of 300: March to Glory had its own learnings and important revelations about the differences and similarities of media.

In the interview above, Miller talks about writing books and movies, where he gets to tell how the story ends. But in games, well they have this "participatory thing" which he admits he's never encountered before. He says though that this isn't really much of a hurdle just as long as you know the rules. His framework for media is basically that all these types - movies, books, even video games - are built on the same logic. Follow the rules, and you can take the skills from one field of expertise to another - "Sometimes seamlessly," Miller adds.

Well, I haven't read the graphic novel myself (has anyone here read it?), and both the movie and the game are only about to come out this March. Only time will tell if all the "skill transplanting" was done seamlessly, from graphic novel, to movie, to video game...

Click the link above for the video.