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Article Date: February 14, 2007 | Publication: Comics2Film | Author: editors
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"I feel a little lost." Gerard Butler says with a smile.

The Scottish actor is talking about the after affects of the incredible physical transformation he made as King Leonides, in the film based on Frank Miller's graphic novel, 300. 300 is based on the story of an ancient battle in which Leonides and 300 Spartans fought to the death against the God-like Xerexes and his massive army.

When Gerard, he prefers to be called Gerry, walks into a room he has a charming and laid back ease about him, which is a stark contrast to the role as the passionate warrior he plays as king of Sparta. However, as soon as Butler opens his mouth to speak he is able to engage and captivate instantly with his charisma and intellect, ideal traits to have if you are portraying a revered legend.
Lena Headey and Gerard Butler as Queen Gorgo and King Leonidas

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Butler became aware of 300 during a meeting with Warner Brothers executives. He read the script and knew it was a role he wanted to dive into.

"This film has it all," and Butler relished playing a character that, "pushes the envelope between being a hero and a villain."

Though he did a great deal of research for the role, "…90% of my preparation came from (Frank) Miller's graphic novel…"

Butler 's dedication to his part stayed with him long after the cameras stopped rolling during production, "Even when I wasn't performing, I was still talking and holding myself as King. You have someone else's mind and body and your whole routine changes."

Besides the physical and mental metamorphosis that Butler took on his journey to becoming King there was also a consciousness to balance a sense of arrogance and confidence.

"It's quite risky in terms of keeping an audience in his favor," but Butler's portrayal succeeds and in the end the audience stands behind Leonides truly believing that an army of 300 can win against an army of thousands.

With the film behind him Butler can't imagine taking on such a role again, "I think it is impossible to surpass. I wouldn't want to do it again. I'm happy to just take a rest."

With the release of 300 March 9th and several projects recently wrapped including a co-starring role opposite Hilary Swank in P.S I Love You, it is safe to say that Butler's next role will most likely be that of Hollywood star.