300 Review by Reflection (IMDB)

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Article Date: February 14, 2007 | Publication: IMDB | Author: Reflection
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Well, i could write an Hour about what i just saw at the Worldpremiere of "300". But i will just say that I'm completely blown away. The
Trailer made no false promises, and the movie itself gave me even more of all the things I loved about the trailer.

But to put it all in to perspective: Almost all important cast-members were there. They were all in a good mood, but especially Gerard Buttler took really a lot of time to sign Autographs and give interviews. Although i watched it only on the Theaterscreen inside. :-) Finally everybody gathered around and we could begin.

I have to admit that the Movie started a bit slow, but i think i was just a little nervous because of my expectations. The thing is, this
movie has really an unique style. It is NOTHING like Sin City. Don't even bother ! You have to "get used" to it. The Colors, the
photography, the Backgrounds everything is just Mind-blowing but, and that's important, helps telling the story.

The Fightingscenes (YES!) were the absolute Highlight. Incredibly beautiful choreographed, and VERY well shot. That brings me to an
important Point: At least half of the fights are not this common, hectic and bugging close-up, fast-cut and "I just don't know what's going on" style, they are filmed from quite a distance and perfectly long enough. A lot of people say :"It's more intense when fast" I'm telling you, these shots are REALLY intense. See for yourself. Another point: In every fight, there's not ONE guy, who's kind of waiting his turn. This is a real Battle you see there.

The acting is superb, but you gotta' keep in mind, it's not "modern language". Sometimes it's a little awkward. Of course, Gerard Butler IS King Leonidas and he isn't always shouting. But when he does, you get chills.

After the movie there were standing ovations, the cast and Mr.Snyder came on stage, they thanked everyone, we thanked them and then they were off. Wonderful evening.

I don't wanna write more. My Vocabulary is running out and i'm tired. See this movie and be stunned !