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Article Date: February 15, 2007 | Publication: CHUD | Author: Devin Faraci
Publication/Article Link:http://www.chud.com/index.php?type=news&id=8898

Iíve been eagerly awaiting Zack Snyderís take on Frank Millerís 300 ever since I visited the set in December of 2005 and saw the concept video that he used to sell himself to Warner Bros. I had doubts that this would be as special as everyone was claiming, but that video - which was done fairly cheaply - blew me away. The footage I have seen since has been utterly fucking fantastic, and I curse the events that led me to miss the Los Angeles junket, where I would have seen the movie. People I know who attended came back raving, and Rotten Tomatoes is filling up with positive reviews Ė including fresh ones from Variety and Hollywood Reporter, not exactly the kinds of places that are going to be overly kind to geek properties.

Now the film has played the Berlin Film Festival, where it received a thunderous standing ovation from the sold out audience of 1700. Your European film festival crowd ainít the easiest to win over, so Iím excited that Snyderís visceral vision did just that.

I finally see 300 next week, and Iíll report back to you my own thoughts. Iím not expecting a life changing work of poetic beauty like The Fountain, but I am hoping for a rousing visual experience thatís unlike anything Iíve ever seen before Ė and looking at the reviews pouring in, it looks like Iíll get it.