Audience Raves Over 300 at Berlin

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Article Date: February 15, 2007 | Publication: Cinematical (Blog) | Author: Scott Weinberg
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You know how there's often this "rift" between film critics and general moviegoers? Like when something like Meet the Fockers scores only 38% from The Tomatometer -- yet goes on to gross well over $279 million domestically and $237 million overseas? Yeah, that kind of thing happens a lot. (koff-NORBIT-koff) And it looks like it might be happening with Zack Snyder's 300 at the Berlin Film Festival.

A few days back our Erik Davis informed us that during and after the press screening for 300, a small-yet-vocal contingent of the audience was, well, let's just say they were unimpressed. And since it's a European Film Festival (where "cineastes" often behave like childish jerks), their disdain devolved into a round of scattered jeers and boos. Frankly I don't think it's that big a deal. (I remember a press screening of The Two Towers in which a few people booed. Those people were morons.)

But now comes word that Snyder's mega-sweaty 300 was not only well-received during its "ticket-holder" screening; the folks absolutely devoured the thing and greeted the end credits with a big fat standing ovation. (Two things that seem pretty prevalent at European film festivals: booings and standing ovations.) According to, the flick elicited big waves of applause throughout and people really seemed to like it. So I guess the moral of this story (and the Marie Antoinette story and the Clerks 2 story and the Southland Tales story and the Fountain story) is that you shouldn't judge a film's quality by the pleasant/nasty reaction it receives at swanky film festivals. Better to either stick with your favorite and most-trusted film critics -- or, heck, just drop the nine bucks and see the flick for yourself. (300 opens on March 9.)