Translation: Berlin Film Fest News from La Razon

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Article Date: February 15, 2007 | Publication: La Razon | Author: Aitor Lagunas
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The brutal "300" is a version of the comic book created by Frank Miller, who is also the author of "Sin City."

Berlin- Zack Snyder, enthusiastic and escorted by various members of his cast, attended yesterday the presentation of "300," his version of the comic book of Frank Miller about the battle of Thermopylae. Nevertheless, the questions from the various journalists, some which revealed harsh criticism, put him on the defensive, to the point of his taking the lead in one of the most tense press conferences of the Festival. While he listened to sentences like,"Your film is brilliant visually and musically, but it is deceptive in that it doesn't add anything new to history, aside from a lot of blood," his jocular demeanor took on a certain rigid tension. At first, Snyder responded, "You know what? Perhaps you should make that film." He continued rather more calmly, " I presented my vision, to me Frank Miller's graphic novel was more important than the actual battle." And on the rejection by the spectators, which really wasn't that exaggerated, he retorted, "I had a good time making this film. When I saw Miller's work I knew that I could enjoy transforming it into a film, and that was the important thing for me."

In that moment, like a pendulum swinging across the conference room, other journalists sprang up to affirm their delight in the 117 minutes of the comic novel of blood and bones (blood and guts). In fact the film, inside of the official section but not in the competition, collected praise and attacks in equal parts and left no one indifferent. Even the moderator of the conference was enchanted by the sculptured physiques of which the actors were proud. "For four months I trained six hours a day in order to give the correct profile of Leonidas," explained the Scot, Gerard Butler. The Brazilian Rodrigo Santoro, in the role of the Persian monarch, Xerxes, confirmed the difficulty of preparation. Finally, Snyder acknowledged the difficulty of defending a very personal project: "In the studio they always asked that the actors wear more clothing, that sex scenes and violence should be avoided. But this was my project and I have filmed it as I felt it should be."

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