One More Kiss

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Article Date: January 1, 2000 | Publication: The Irish Times | Author: Hugh Linehan
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Filmed guerilla-style, using available light and a minuscule crew, on the north-east coast of England, Vadim Jean's tragic romance tells the story of a young woman (Valerie Edmonds) who returns home from New York, suffering from terminal cancer, to spend the last days of her life with the people she has loved; her gruff, introverted father (James Cosmo) and the boyfriend she left behind (Gerry Butler). Her arrival and announcement bring turmoil into the lives of both men: Cosmo has spent the last seven years sitting in his armchair, staring at the sea, but now he's forced to confront his own past relationships; Butler is (apparently) happily married, and his wife (Valerie Gogan) resents this apparition from the past.

Jean has all the ingredients here for a Love Story-style tearjerker, but his intentions in One More Kiss are oddly unclear. At times the film lapses into sheer schmaltz - particularly in the scenes between Edmonds and Butler - while at others it appears to be trying to make some serious, clear-minded points about terminal illness and bereavement. Finally, it's caught between too many stools to make much of an impact, although the widescreen cinematography throws up some striking images of this little-seen part of the British landscape.

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