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Article Date: January 23, 2002 | Publication: Time Out | Author: Editors
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When you read about all those British films that never get released, it makes you wonder what separates them from those which do get to see the inside of a cinema. This unprepossessing East London gangster flick feels like it only just made the right side of that dividing line, but hardly inspires you to care much anyway. At this stage, any homegrown crime pic needs to come up with a few freshmoves (credit 'Sexy Beast' and even 'Gangster No 1' for having a go), but this modest debut from directors Colin Teague and Glenn Durfort proves alarmingly short on distinguishing features.

Yes, it's the old one-last-job scenario, with a dash of friendship-going-sour, as Gilly (Louis Dempsey) gets out of jail after doing time for a killing actually committed by his mate J (Andrew Howard) , only to find that the cash he's owed is tied up in a gun-selling deal with Glaswegian hardcase Jackie Junior (Gerard Butler - and those 'next James Bond' rumours end here). What our two boys don't know is that J's boss, 'Mr Big'-figure Max (Adrian Dunbar) is on to their little scheme, and sooner or later something will have to give.

Messrs Dempsey and Howard's plodding script gets performances to match, and if the film is seldom excruciatingly awful, it's so relentlessly mediocre in all departments that it becomes soul-destroying to watch.

Here are plot-spinning for the sake of it, routine gunplay, low-rent locations by the yard, and no compelling reason to exist. Please tell us we're not in for another year of this.

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