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Article Date: January 25, 2002 | Publication: Birmingham Post | Author: Editors
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Drugs, guns and London. Must be another British gangster movie then. Gathering dust for a couple of years, this first -time effort by co-directors Colin Teague & Glenn Durfort to rework Scorsese -style 70s American morality play crime drama into a homegrown context would still have felt like the stale remnants of an exhausted genre even had it surfaced at the revival's peak.

Having done six years after taking the rap for best mate J (Andrew Howard), all Gilly (Louis Dempsey) wants is his cash and a straight life. Unfortunately, J's got his money tied up in a drugs for guns (shooting up, shooting, shooters, got it?) deal, which leaves him with little choice but to play along. However, since J's attempting to pull a fast one over his ruthless gangland boss (Adrian Dunbar) with a visiting Scottish thug (Gerard Butler), there's a cop (Emma Fielding) employing very not-by-the-book methods and the whole thing hinges on treachery and betrayals, you can pretty much be sure it'll all turn nasty.

The grubby attempted rape and some sadistic violence leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth, but not as unpleasant as the shoddy clichs, poor dialogue, ham acting and a complete collapse into narrative incoherence and confusing twists that thoroughly undermine any good work done establishing an atmosphere of seedy urban menace.

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