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Article Date: January 25, 2002 | Publication: Daily Record | Author: Editors
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THERE are no flash suits, cool songs or clever lines of dialogue in this British crime movie. And it's all the better for it. It's just a pity that the single, double and triple crosses come so thick and fast that we're left feeling dazed and confused about who is doing what to whom and why.

Just out of prison, Gilly (Louis Dempsey) is determined to go straight. But that takes money, so he goes to his long-time friend, J (Andrew Howard), who owes him a few quid.

Unfortunately, junkie J has invested the cash in a drugs-for-guns deal.

The only way Gilly can look forward to retirement is to help J on the "one last job" he is planning.

The set-up of the story is probably too familiar these days, but its treatment has a gritty edge.

Adrian Dunbar plays crime kingpin Max as a cold-hearted businessman, while Scots actor Gerard Butler pushes his performance over the top as drug supplier Jackie Junior.

This is a movie that doesn't glamorise gangster life as a big adventure.

It shows the emotional consequences of betraying both your friends and the underworld hard men.

As the small-time crooks scramble around to make ends meet, Shooters hits an overcrowded genre with a dose of reality.

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