'300' Reasons Butler's Star Is Still Rising

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Article Date: March 14, 2007 | Publication: cbs2Chicago.com | Author: Bill Zwecker
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In show biz -- just like life in general -- timing is everything. So it's not surprising suddenly hot actor Gerard Butler is really in demand! Offers are pouring in for the Scottish hunk whose ''300'' snared a whopping $70 million for its opening weekend.
Best known previously for playing the title role in the 2004 film of ''The Phantom of the Opera,'' Butler is said to be the leading contender for a big remake in the works -- reprising Kurt Russell's role as Snake Plissken in John Carpenter's 1981 cult flick "Escape From New York.''

Plissken, of course, is a one-eyed convict charged with slipping into a futuristic Manhattan -- turned into an inescapable maximum security prison -- to rescue a U.S. president.