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Article Date: March 16, 2007 | Publication: Films & Books | Author: Natalie Gendron.
Publication/Article Link:http://www.filmsandbooks.com/she-said-he-said-film-opinion/2007/3/16/300.html


I have been waiting with anticipation for ď300Ē since I first saw its preview months ago. Being a big fan of the movie Sin City, I was excited that another graphic novel by Frank Miller was going to be recreated to fit the big screen. Although this movie is quite different from Sin City, it still manages to maintain the artistic allure found within Frank Millerís graphic novels. Despite the violent nature of the movie, the many scenes involving blood and decapitation, and the creepy creatures that reside within the Persian army, this movie is absolutely beautiful to watch, as twisted as that sounds. I am not just talking about the 300 Spartans with abs made out of steel, although that was quite beautiful as well. Instead Iím thinking artistic beauty, where you feel as though you are watching a painting come to life. The gritty colour and the slow and fast shot sequences in addition to the costumes and methodical music, all add to this idea of beauty.

The story is quite simple, especially for those history buffs that are already familiar with the Battle of Thermopylae. 300 Spartans fight against a Persian army, which consisted of millions. The odds were stacked against the Spartans but they continued to fight and follow King Leonidas to their ultimate death. Some may see this as a loss, but for the Spartans they viewed this as a victory because they died with honor, which is the most commendable way of dying.

It is a war story, but most importantly it is a story about courage, fighting for your beliefs and fighting for something even greater than the present. Itís unbelievable to imagine that this story really happened, and because you know itís true it makes it that much more exciting to watch.