'300' is a great action movie

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Article Date: March 17, 2007 | Publication: The Eagle-Tribune | Author: Matt Lawson (He Said)
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Four stars

When I think of recent epic movies, the first one that pops into my head is "300." While I was sitting in the theater, the only word that came out of my mouth was, "Wow!"

Now when I say "wow," I mean "WOW!" This film seemed to have no limits on its budget. Everything in it looked expensive. From the costumes to the actors and especially the special effects. They had to have been the best ones I have ever seen. The special-effects crew did an amazing job incorporating both CGI (computer-generated images) and live action. I could hardly tell the difference between which scenes were filmed on location and in a studio.

This should be the only film out there about the Spartans. Director Zack Snyder did an outstanding job bringing the life of the Spartans to the big screen. This movie put you right into the life and times of a Spartan. I felt as if I was right there in the middle of the war during the battle scenes.

The actors must have had to go through months of training to learn all of their fight scenes, since three-fourths of the movie is a battle. Every single fight seemed flawless. What was really impressive is how the fights were so similar to the way the real Spartans fought. Their war tactics were the same as in the movie.

The acting in this movie was very good. The actors were a spitting image of the real Spartans. I could not imagine somebody else playing a Spartan king other than Gerard Butler. There was not one thing that I disliked about the way he portrayed King Leonidas.

"300" did a great job explaining the background of the story line and characters. With most movies, you don't get a full understanding of what the characters are all about and how they think. That's not the case in this movie. Snyder did a great job with the character development and how he told their story. Even if you don't know who the Spartans were, it is really easy to understand the movie

Overall I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to see a great action movie. This was one of the best two hours I've spent at the movie theater. "300" is just a fun movie that's really easy to get into. I would say that this film is without a doubt worth the $9.50 for a ticket.