300 Movie Review

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Article Date: March 19, 2007 | Publication: Sohood.com | Author: Mario Diaz
Publication/Article Link:http://www.sohood.com/1/content/view/1534/30/

3/5 stars

I must say that 300 was a bit boring as far as the storyline goes but with that being said the movie still held its ground with the graphics and its graphic nature. The movies strong points were the fighting scenes but the weak was the dialect scenes in which there were too many long-winded speeches.

The star of the movie King Leonidas played by Gerard Butler who I might add did a great performance and had great camera presence. But the problem was that once he wasn't on screen the movie becomes dull, the cast could have been better or had some better dialects and something relevant to the story. Case in point is the Queen of Sparta played by Lena Headey whose acting was o.k. at best really didn't have much to offer in the storyline. Each great battle the Spartans would fight would end in a switch to the action by going back to the Queen’s boring quest to convince the council to go to war and supply King Leonidas with more troops and aide him with some reinforcements.

The different and varied soldiers of the Persian army kept the movie 300 interesting cause it would have been lackluster seeing the same soldiers over and over fighting the Spartans, but in 300 some had grenade like weapons that explodes when thrown, others had elephants, rhinos and the most entertaining were deadly soldiers dressed in black with silver masks called “Immortals”.

Replay Value:
I won't be watching it again, but would be waiting for it on DVD