L.C. Talks Trees and Sneakers, Halle Loves NY, and, Oh, Zombies Rock

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Article Date: April 5, 2007 | Publication: Lyons Den Blog | Author: Ben Lyons
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From planting trees with reality stars to interviewing Oscar winners to catching an early screening of one of the most kickass movies ever, my life could not get any better. I'm convinced of this.

The day started out at Environmental Media Association and E!'s tree-planting event here in Los Angeles. I joined forces to spread some green with folks like Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers so could have been a franchise), some familiar faces from The Office and the one and only queen of The Hills, Lauren Conrad.

Every little bit helps when it comes to the environment. People often think they won't be able to make a difference, but that's just not true. In talking about this with L.C. (while not getting into how she was right in how she handled the whole Spencer-Heidi situation), she pointed out my ridiculously fly PF Flyers (What up, Jenn! What up, Jordana!). What impressed me was Lauren made a reference to the movie—get this—The Sandlot. Who knew Laguna's own knew her movie sneakers? Very cool.

After cleaning dirt and mulch off myself, I booked it over to the Four Seasons to sit down with Halle Berry and the very intelligent Giovanni Ribisi. We'll have a clip of the whole chat up next week, but here's a little preview:

* Halle said they filmed Perfect Stranger entirely in NYC. Gotta love that. We both hate, hate when a movie is made in Toronto or Vancouver but they try and double it as New York. Go, Halle!

* Ribisi is scheduled to star opposite 300's own Gerard Butler in a movie with a title I, of course, can't pronounce (Therese Raquin). Yo, G., you better close that deal, because Butler's day rate is rising errrry day!

So, you guys can come back next week and peep the whole interview. I promise, I wasn't drooling the entire time, maybe just part of it.

Last but not least, if my day couldn't get any more badass, I finally saw Grindhouse, and let me just say: F--k yeah! This movie rocks! It's pulp, it's sex, it's zombies, it's no joke! You are going to lose your s--t when you see this! Are you kidding me? Holy f--king s--t!

More of an in-depth review tomorrow, but my gut reaction is, well, you get the idea.