Review: 300

Category: 300 Reviews | Posted by: DaisyMay
Article Date: April 12, 2007 | Publication: MTDVirus (Blog) | Author: Nick Mornrik
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I went to see 300 at an IMAX the week it came out. We drove from Saginaw all the way to Lansing one night after work, which put the total drive time around 3 hours. Thatís a lot of driving to see a movie when I could have went 2 miles down the road from my house. WellÖit was well worth it!

300 is one of the greatest movies Iíve ever seen, if not the greatest. Thatís saying a lot. The whole drive home Casey, Maggie, and I couldnít stop talking about how good it was and everything we liked. Seeing this movie in IMAX is worth the jacked up ticket price (we paid $12) because everything is just done so well. I seriously canít think of anything Iíd change about the movie right now. I really did like it that much.

I know this isnít much of a review, but you have to see this movie for yourself in a theater and if you have access to an IMAX, pay the extra cash and make a trip. I will have an HD-DVD player by the time 300 comes out and if I donít, Iím buying one just for this movie. Everything from the acting, lighting, cinematography, script, action, to special effects was well put together.

Definitely an A+.