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Article Date: April 20, 2007 | Publication: Windows Live Spaces | Author: Administrator
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My second roommate and I recently saw 300, a movie based on a graphic novel by Frank Miller. 300 shares many of the stylistic qualities of its unofficial predecessor, Sin City, but it is presented in full color and without the pulp story structure. Aside from being visually more appealing than Sin City, 300 also features better narration, better acting, and a better story than Sin City. Essentially, if you liked Sin City, then you can expect to like 300, and if you didn't like Sin City, there is still much to enjoy in 300.

The story of 300 revolves around a group of 300 Spartan warriors and their king, Leonidas, who, due to corruption within the law-keepers of Sparta, must battle alone against the vast armies of the Persian warrior-king Xerxes. The Spartans must use their skill and determination to hold off overwhelming enemy forces long enough for the law to be questioned and Sparta's army sent to oppose the invaders. It is a story of love, trust, betrayal and freedom, told on the field of battle amidst brutal violence and tragic loss. If you enjoy battle epics, then 300 is worth looking into. If you're a fan of Frank Miller, I assume you've already seen this movie.