Gerard Butler Talks Up ‘Untouchables,’ Casts Doubt On ‘Watchmen’

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Article Date: May 21, 2007 | Publication: MTV Movies Blog | Author: Shawn Adler
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This is madness! No, Mr. Capone, it’s…Chicago? “300” star Gerard Butler is stepping into the very big shoes of Chicago police officer Jim Malone, a character made famous by Sean Connery in “The Untouchables,” he told MTV News. “[I play] the young Sean Connery, when he was still a detective,” Butler said of his role in the prequel “Capone Rising.” “It’s great, the script is phenomenal.”

The performance was Connery’s most popular since Bond, and even won the Scot an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor. Butler said that fans expecting an imitation, however, will leave disappointed. “Being Scottish and being tall, I’m gonna come across a little bit like Sean Connery…and people will make those comparisons,” he contended. “But I’m going to do my own thing.”

He’ll have plenty of opportunity, he revealed excitedly. “You know what? I think this character [has even] more [great lines] in him [than before], because this was a point where he was more a wheeler and dealer,” Butler exclaimed. “He has to deal with things coming for him, he has to deal with his own morality. In this story there’s so much going on with this guy that you really see a lot of different sides to his character.”

After hitting it big with “300,” Butler was also being touted for a role in director Zach Snyder’s next comic adaptation, the epic “Watchmen.” Don’t count on it, he lamented. “We’ve been talking about [’Watchmen’] for a while, but [Zach’s] never told me a character and to be honest, now I’m looking a little bit picked up,” he sighed, adding with a hint of finality. “I don’t know if ‘Watchmen’ is going to be happening.”