300 is the best movie released so far in 2007!

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Article Date: May 28, 2007 | Publication: merinews.com | Author: Donna Mathews
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Thanks to mjbooklady for the heads up!

300 is a movie that portrays courage, team spirit and bravery! It is not just another war movie - itís a beautiful war movie interwoven with all the emotions.

The History: In 480 BC, the Persian King Xerxes sets out on his expedition to conquer the Athenians, Naxians, and Eretrians; He first attempts to cross the Hellespont but fails miserably. It is being said by Herodotus that he ordered to whip the sea 300 times and fetters were thrown into the water and eventually the sea calmed down and the bridge was built. Many smaller Greek states took the side of Xerxes making things easier for him and his huge army (2 million warriors).

An oracle foretold that the Greeks can be saved only by the death of one of its kings. However, nothing stopped Leonidas from taking his personal bodyguards of 300 finest men among the Spartans, who have their sons to succeed them and to carry their name.

Xerxes persuaded Leonidas to kneel down and live as a local governor under him. For this, Leonidas replies "MOLON LAVE" (Come and get them). This phrase has been quoted by many war leaders to inspire their nations not to surrender without a war.

The Battle of Thermopylae in fact shook Xerxes! This battle is considered to be one of the famous last stands in the history. A small army (300 of the finest spartan warriors) led by their great king Leonidas held the Persian army at the narrow pass (where barely a chariot could fit in - 12 ft wide) of "Hot gates." They fought fiercely against this huge Persian army with great courage, thereby preventing them to invade further.

After three days, Ephialtes betrayed the Greeks by revealing another secret passage to the Hellenic force. These three days, the Spartans fought with minimal losses. However, all the Spartans were finally killed. The Thespians voluntarily support them and they also die with the Spartans. After the defeat of the Spartans, the Persian army marches in to burn down Greece. But by that time, the Greeks get ample time to evacuate the city. Subsequently, this war gives more time and inspiration for the Greeks to prepare for their next battle against the Persians, which they eventually win.

The movie: The movie is fabulous with the CGI images that are superimposed with the live war scenes. You can see the blood splattering and the heads flying (me weak hearted!). In fact, this movie captures the darkness and gloominess of the warfront. I loved the background score.

Xerxes looks powerful; he thinks about himself as a God! What I didnít like was that he had some "n" number of piercings, some freaky nail colour and he looked like an Xmas tree without leaves and only the hangings and some freakingí eye shadow and shaped eyebrows - I felt that he looked like an Egyptian (Queen) more than a Persian king. I feel that a little more research would have made him look better.

Leonidas (Gerard Butler) - no one else could have enacted him better. I donít know what his accent was like, but I just loved the commanding power and determination that echoed throughout his speeches. He looks walks and talks like a brave Greek warrior king. His eyes speak his inner emotions. His love towards Gorgo is shown in the last sequence.

Back to history According to Plutarch, Gorgo asks Leonidas how she could aid his mission. He responded "marry a good man, bear good children, and live a good life.Ē

His courage and love towards his fellow warriors. He is a King who fights in the warfront. He reigns as the rock of inspiration for the Spartans to fight hard.

Lena Heady plays the role of Gorgo, the beautiful wife of Leonidas. She carries herself with dignity and looks ravishing as the Spartan queen. According to the historical records, Gorgo was quite younger to Leonidas (20 to 30 years). When Leonidas fights the battle with his 300 men, Gorgo tries to convince the council of Greeks to prepare for a war to defend themselves.

The hunchback (Andrew Tiernan) looks too evil (more evil than Xerxes) and I believe that he might have struggled the most to enact Ephialtes (physically) with loads of padding and pancakes...

The Spartan army looks fit and strong and they display one of the greatest war sequences ever made in Hollywood [All the warriors have six to eight packs]. The gigantic elephants and rhinos, the immortals -- all of them fail miserably before the well-organised and high-spirited Spartan army.

The Battle sequences are eye-catching, brimmed with violence, and "sensually" brutal -- yeah thatís the word!

The casting is superb; each and every person is being etched for their respective roles.

Please donít miss this movie because itís not just another war movie - itís a beautiful war movie interwoven with all the emotions. I loved the Spartan King - He rocks the movie!!!