It's over when the fat man shoos

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Article Date: June 5, 2007 | Publication: The Electric New Paper | Author: Staff
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AT most award shows, the orchestra plays music to let winners know when to wrap up their acceptance speeches.

Not at the MTV Movie Awards, which was held last night in Los Angeles.

Go over the allotted time, and the producers will unleash a morbidly obese man wearing nothing but a loin cloth to wrestle the offender off stage.


Gerard Butler, who played a fearless Spartan king in the war epic movie 300, was sent fleeing by the 'Fat Man' after he lingered at the mike for too long when accepting the award for 'Best Fight'.

Such irreverent humour has become the trademark of MTV award shows, and last night was no exception.

Host Sarah Silverman, who is known for having a face of an angel and the filthy mouth of a sailor, was in top form as no one was safe from her acerbic wit.

Even Paris Hilton, who would start serving her jail sentence for violating a driving ban just hours after the show, wasn't spared.

Silverman drew loud cheers from the audience when she mentioned the socialite's impending date with the law and made a raunchy joke at her expense.

Leather-clad singer Rihanna turns up the heat on stage while performing her single Umbrella with Jay-z.
Hilton could be seen close to tears as the cameras panned to her.

Comedians Sacha Baron Cohen and Will Farrell turned the raunch up another few notches when they engaged in a full-on makeout session after receiving the Best Kiss award for the liplock they shared in 'Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby'.

As they accepted their tub of golden popcorn, Cohen asked Farrell why he didn't return his calls after they kissed five times during the making of the racing comedy.

'We did five takes,' Ferrell replied.

'You asked me to move in with you,' Cohen retorted in mock outrage.

'I did not ask you to move in with me!' Ferrell protested.

'I said if you were in the neighbourhood, to stop by my house for a cup of coffee with me and my wife!'

'You kissed me five times, and you've got a wife? You're a total bitch!' Cohen exclaimed, slapping Ferrell in the face.

But the mock anger quickly turned into mock passion as Cohen went in for the kill, planting a wet kiss on Ferrell's lips.

Cohen also earned the comedic performance prize for his starring turn in 'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan'.

'Unfortunately, Borat can't be here tonight,' he joked, referring to the character her plays in the movie.

'He's been feeling the pressures of fame and had to check himself into rehab.'

The audience got a breather only when comedian Mike Myers was honoured with the MTV Generation Award for his overall contribution to film and television, much of it in the form of one memorable comedic character after another.

'Two other people have won this award before me: Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey,' said the star of the Shrek movies.

'One is a Hollywood hunk - thank you. One is a genius at comedy and drama - again, thank you. And one of us killed a drifter - sorry about that.'

If you think Myer's speech was rambling, then you were probably asleep when Jack Nicholson picked up his award for Best Villain for his role as a mob boss in 'The Departed'.

Looking a little under the weather, Nicholson slurred through a speech in which rambled about nothing in particular, peppering his sentences liberally with expletives, and ended by thanking 'the American fighting men and women, and our allies in the field'.

Johnny Depp turned out to be the big winner for the night, scooping up the award for Best Movie for 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest' and Best Performance for playing the movie's drunken pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.

'I'd like to thank this man,' Depp said, pointing at producer Jerry Bruckheimer, 'and Disney for not firing me, because we were teetering on that for a while.'