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Article Date: May 1, 2001 | Publication: Granada Televison | Author: Press Release
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Filming begins this week on a landmark and highly controversial new six-part event drama for ITV called The Jury, starring a wealth of British talent including DEREK JACOBI, ANTHONY SHER, MARK STRONG, MICHAEL MALONEY, JACK SHEPHERD, PETER VAUGHAN and HELEN MCCRORY. The Jury, made by Granada Television, tells the story of a shocking murder trial that will grip viewers from the first and keep them in suspense to the last.

The Jury has at its centre a trial that is a microcosm of justice and race in the U.K. A 15 year-old white boy has been killed in cold blood and his classmate, a quiet reclusive Sikh boy, is on trial for the murder. The twelve jurors find the eyes of the whole country fixed on them as they are sent on the biggest soul-searching journey of their lives. Locked in battle are two of the country's most prestigious and ruthless barristers - QCs George Cording (DEREK JACOBI) and Charles Cavendish (ANTHONY SHER). Finally, the decision goes to the jury and hangs on a knife-edge…

The jurors come from all walks of life and must cope with personal crises as well as the traumas of the trial. Rose Davies (HELEN MCCRORY), a woman frustrated in her marriage, is desperate for a chance to spread her wings. For her, jury service is a way out - particularly when she meets Johnnie Donne (GERARD BUTLER), fresh out of a halfway home for recovering alcoholics and heavily dependent on his mentor Eddie Fannon (TIM HEALY).

Peter Segal (MICHAEL MALONEY), constantly put down by his disapproving father-in-law Michael, (PETER VAUGHAN) seizes his moment to turn the tables during the course of the trial. Elsie Beamish (SYLVIA SYMS), a woman in her sixties suffering from a fatal illness, is alone in the world until she makes friends with Charles Gore (STUART BUNCE), a novice in a Catholic seminary who is about to take his vows, but is thrown into confusion by some startling news. Jeremy Crawford (NICHOLAS FARRELL), living in poverty with his family as a result of a disastrous gamble, bumps into the man who engineered his downfall.

All the jurors must cope with immense pressure, not only in making their decision but also in the face of intimidation from the victim's family, led by his father Ron Maher (JACK SHEPHERD). Some will crack under the strain; some will seize the opportunity to change their lives.

The Jury combines the talents of Peter Morgan (Martha Meets Frank, Daniel and Lawrence; Metropolis) and director Pete Travis (Other People's Children, Cold Feet). It is produced by Francis Hopkinson (Always and Everyone, Little Bird) and the Executive Producer is Andy Harries, Controller of Granada Drama and Comedy.

Andy Harries says:

"There's no doubt that quality scripts have attracted a quality cast for The Jury. I'm extremely excited about this project"