Crank Co-Creator on Hex

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Article Date: August 1, 2007 | Publication: Shock Til You Drop | Author: Ryan Rotten
Publication/Article recently rubbed elbows and tipped a few back with Brian Taylor, one half of the crazed creative team of Crank, at this year's Comic-Con.

Dispensing with the immense man-love we have for last year's Jason Statham actioner co-written and directed by Taylor and Mark Neveldine, we turned our conversation to Jonah Hex the DC Comics, Warner Bros. western based on the titular character. The WB announced the project last week.

"The movie is gonna straddle a fine line of supernatural stuff," Taylor says, commenting on whether their original story is inspired by the comic's Joe R. Landsdale "Two Gun Mojo" days. "A little bit like what Joe did. It's gonna be dark and dirty. Fly-covered, nasty...lots of amputees," he smirks.

Before Neveldine and Taylor saddle up for "Hex," they will first push Gerard Butler through Game a sci-fi thriller reminiscent of futuristic '70s fare such as Rollerball. Filming begins this November. Afterwards, they will likely move on to the announced Crank 2.