Thandie Newton Sounds Off On ‘RocknRolla’

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Article Date: October 11, 2007 | Publication: MTV | Author: Shawn Adler
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Quick: Name the female lead in “Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.” Now the one in “Snatch.” Go!

Alright, we admit, these are trick questions. (There are no female leads in either film, for the record). Guy Ritchie is good at a lot of things, but writing kick-ass woman isn’t one of them. Until now, smiled Thandie Newton, who’s joining the boys for a bit of fun in Ritchie’s upcoming mobster flick “RocknRolla.”

“I was the only girl for miles around. I thought I’d have to struggle to be a woman in that scenario,” Newton said. “[But] Guy was so open to me having ideas.” (Watch co-stars Ludacris and Jeremy Piven talk about his “RocknRolla” role after the jump!)

Newton plays Stella, an “accountant who becomes more and more crooked as the story goes on,” she revealed. Not just crooked, though – filthy as well, the actress laughed. “I think [Guy] was surprised at how dirty I played this character. I just kept pushing it and he loved it,” she giggled. “He loves surprises.”

Now that she’s joined the club, Newton feels like she’s been there all along, in large part thanks to Guy, who she calls “the most lean thinking person [she knows].”

“He’s very articulate and precise and yet very free at the same time,” she enthused. “Whatever he’s spiking his coffee with is good stuff.”