The writer's strike...will we know today?

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Article Date: October 18, 2007 | Publication: Orlando Sentinel | Author: Roger Moore
Publication/Article Link:Orlando Sentinel

The threat of a Writer's Guild strike was very much on the mind of writer turned writer-director Richard LaGravanese (The Fisher King, Freedom Writers, The Horse Whisperer, The Mirror Has Two Faces) Wed.

"Right now, we're all concerned that Thursday will be the big day that we in the Writers' Guild know something. Until I know for sure, I have no idea what I'll be doing next...

"I worry about theaters. When I think about sitting, as a kid growing up in Brooklyn, in the Lowes' Oriental, this big art deco movie palace, I know those experiences shaped and formed me. I have to believe that that experience will survive. They've said for years that theater is dying and it keeps coming back. They say movies are dying, going out to the movies is dying. I just don't believe it. It's a wondeful experience, in spite of the competition. Maybe I'm old fashioned, though."

He was in town to show P.S. I Love You (Dec. 21), his latest, at ShowEast in Orlando last night, and we chatted.

That's the one whose trailer is inspiring Internet teasing of Spartan co-star Gerard Butler showing his lovey-dovey-singing sensitive side.

"Gerry's a romantic lead as well as a Spartan," LaGravanese says with a laugh. "This character is actually more Gerry to me than you've seen before on the screen. He has that kind of sense of humor, that boyish romantic charm all wrapped up in this great Spartan body. Very masculine, but he can get away with being romantic at the same time."

I loved him in Dear Frankie. You wouldn't have thought of his as Leonidas in 300 from what you saw in (the romantic weeper) Dear Frankie. Tremendous range."