Brett Ratner is NOT Directing the Escape from New York Remake?!

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Article Date: October 29, 2007 | Publication: FirstShowing.Net | Author: Alex Billington
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Now I'm really confused! We posted a rumor back in early October that was apparently confirmed saying Brett Ratner is directing the upcoming Escape from New York remake. Now a scooper over at AICN says it just ain't so. And he claims he spoke to Brett Ratner himself! Of course we have to believe it if Ratner actually said it, but is this guy's report real from the start? The rumors floating around on the internet these days seem to get worse and worse every month.

This is the e-mail that the scooper sent in:

I don't know if this is old news but I can tell you that Brett Ratner isn't directing the EFNY remake, according to him. He was given an "achievement in cinema" award at the Savannah Film Festival and I managed to ask him afterwards about it and he said that it was happening but not with him.

This whole thing kicked into high gear when IESB announced that Brett Ratner would be directing the Escape from New York remake, instead of Len Wiseman of Live Free or Die Hard fame. That announcement really rattled some cages, given most of the online press community doesn't like Brett Ratner because he destroyed X-Men 3. Now to see him take another great classic remake with Gerard Butler in the lead role and destroy it was worrying quite a few people.

Thankfully if this latest report is true, then we don't have to worry about Ratner ruining what could possibly be a good remake. However, this entire project is in shambles given how many rumors have been flying around about it from the start. Is Gerard Butler even actually going to play Snake Plissken, or is that all a big rumor, too?