Novel Way to Prepare for People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive 2007

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Article Date: October 22, 2007 | Publication: Free Press Release | Author: Press Release

Romance novelist Diana Holquist, author of the new novel Sexiest Man Alive (Grand Central Publishing, Oct 2007), has been polling her readers on who they think should be this year’s People magazine Sexiest Man Alive, and the results are as stunning as the men.

“It’s not your usual suspects,” Holquist reports. “Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, and Matt Damon hardly made a blip in the unofficial Sexiest Man Alive poll.”

So who is the run-away favorite for the 2007 People magazine Sexiest Man Alive according to readers of romance novels?

“Gerard Butler. It seems there’s two kinds of people in the world: people who adore Gerard Butler and people who have no clue who he is,” says Holquist. For the latter, Gerard Butler is the Scottish star of dozens of movies including 300 and P.S. I Love You.

Clive Owen, most recently the star of Elizabeth: the Golden Age, is a distant second place in the sexiest man alive poll.

Holquist takes the results of her Sexiest Man Alive 2007 poll very seriously. After all, knowing what makes a man sexy is her business. “Being the sexiest man alive isn’t just about how the man looks,” Holquist asserts. “The sexiest man alive has got to act heroic, too.”

When creating the hero for her novel, Sexiest Man Alive, Holquist took this into account. Sexiest Man Alive is the story of a shy woman who comes to believe a prophecy that her soulmate is People magazine’s sexiest man alive. “If she gave up everything to pursue her dream, and the guy was a jerk, the book wouldn’t work, no matter how gorgeous the hero was,” explains Holquist. “He has to deserve her love in the same way People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive has to deserve his fans’ adoration.”

Holquist had always wanted to write a book that was inspired by the annual Sexiest Man Alive issue. “I think it’s every woman’s fantasy that she might be living the wrong life. That she might actually be destined to love a man as sexy and exciting as the man on the cover of People magazine,” says Holquist. In the book, the heroine sits with her copy of the magazine open, and she thinks, “Women all over the world are wishing for a piece of what’s inside its glossy pages. If the magazine sent out a beam of light from its open spine, the night sky would be lit up from all the women lusting after this man, a camaraderie of longing.”

For romance readers, that camaraderie is firmly with Gerard Butler.

Whether the editors of People magazine agree with romance readers’ picks remains to be seen. “The People editors tend to go with the bigger stars for Sexiest Man Alive. But stranger things have happened,” says Holquist. In 1988, the editors picked John F. Kennedy Jr. for sexiest man alive honors. In 1993, People awarded sexiest couple alive honors to Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford.